Category: Desserts

  • Opera Cake

    Opera Cake

    Opera cake is a beautiful multi-layered French dessert. It is flavored with delicious coffee buttercream, rich chocolate ganache, and light almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup.

  • Caramel Cheesecake

    Caramel Cheesecake

    This Cheesecake is rich and creamy and absolutely delicious! You will love every bite with so many textures buttery crust, smooth caramel filling with a crunch of almond brittles.

  • Gulab Jamuns

    Gulab Jamuns

    Gulab Jamuns are my favorite Indian sweet. A Quick and excellent sweet that will be loved by kids and adults alike.  This is one sweet that will finish in no time. 

  • Passion Fruit Cheesecake

    Passion Fruit Cheesecake

    This no-bake passion fruit cheesecake is not only easy to make but tastes absolutely delicious. The passion fruit lends a slightly tangy taste which perfectly combines with cream cheese and white chocolate.

  • Strawberry Tartlets

    Strawberry Tartlets

    Strawberry tartlets have a shortbread crust, filled with strawberry jam, a sweet creamy filling, and topped with fresh strawberries. This is a delicious and elegant homemade dessert.

  • Vermicelli Bites

    Vermicelli Bites

    A Quick and excellent dessert that will be loved by kids and adults alike. This is one sweet that will finish in no time. I have made this many times because I just love it!