Hello everyone 👋

Welcome to “My Way Of Cooking”.

My name is Fathima Zahrah. I have created this blog for myself (i.e. my future reference) and to share my family’s traditional and modern recipes with you. Being a foodie, I love so many cuisines out there and try them in our kitchen! The sources of my recipes are cookbooks, the internet, and my family and friends.

My goal is to inspire people to cook at home, and make the process of feeding your family and friends fun!

Also, my goal is to encourage kids in baking/cooking, because small children love to help in the kitchen make them feel happy. Cooking with kids is a messy, long process, one that requires a lot of patience yet it is a great way to spend time with your little ones in the kitchen.

More About Myself

I’m from the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka! I’ve been in the kitchen from a young age, and I love to watch my mom cook. Just about everything I know about food comes from her!

Alongside this blog, I also have many other hobbies: programming, photography, painting, and traveling.

Thanks so much for being here! If you have any questions about any recipes or recipe suggestions, please let me know! That would mean a lot to me!👍