oatmeal raisin cookies


oatmeal raisin cookies

Hi all 👋 and welcome to my food blog!

You might have wondered if I’m an expert cook by looking at the site’s title. Truth be told, I am not a professional chef or baker. I just love cooking/baking and my family enjoys my food. And that’s all that matters, right?

Why this blog?

While learning web development, I came across an intuitive CMS called WordPress. I was rather keen to create a website using it.

So, I wanted to start a blog using WordPress. When I started to think about what I enjoy most in my everyday life, I came to the conclusion that I love cooking. Thus began the idea for this food blog, which I hope will be useful for me and you.

How I became passionate about cooking?

Soon after my studies, I started to help my mom in the kitchen. My mother cooks well and her dishes are incredible. Later on, my mom insisted that I cook simple dishes, which turned out rather well. 😋

Whenever I tried different dishes cooked by others, I like to try them out in my kitchen, Before trying any new dishes I research a lot on the internet, cookbooks, and my mother’s recipe book as well!

What I plan to do with this blog?

I would like to share my learning and experience cooking in this blog. I would be so grateful if it helps someone in some way. I’m a learner and will continue to learn forever. Also, I would like you to experiment with these recipes whenever possible.

I’m from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. We are known for our delicious and healthy cuisine. The type of food varies between the different regions in my country. I will try to share some of the traditional recipes of my country here as well.

I will also share kid-friendly dishes that you can try out with your young ones!

Thanks for dropping by, and do let me know if you happen to try out any of the recipes on this site! 🥣



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